Sunday, April 17, 2016

Doctor Who: Gone But Not Forgotten And Not Really Gone Either

Hi there, Whovians! Yes, it's Sunday  which means its Doctor Who Day here on the ol' I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You blog thing.  

While its always exciting to see a new actor come on board to portray a new version of the Doctor, there is also always the bittersweet farewell we must make to a beloved version of the Doctor that must move on. Yet in a marketplace of multimedia outlets for providing entertainment, we don't have to truly and completely say good bye to our former Doctors and their companions. 

For example, David Tennant and Catherine Tate are reuniting as the Tenth Doctor and companion Donna Noble for three brand new Big Finish audio adventures.  It was announced this week that the new adventures of the Doctor and Donna will be released on May 16th.  

Those three ALL NEW stories include: 

  • Technophobia  
    • It's London in the not too distant future as humanity starts to lose its ability to use everyday technology. 
  • Time Reaver 
    • The Doctor and Donna arrive on an entirely mechanical planet full of scoundrels operating in a deadly black market. 
  • Death and the Queen 
    • Donna gets swept up  in a romantic fairytale romance, meeting the man of her dreams. This is Doctor Who so lets assume that "the man of her dreams" will become a source of nightmares for her and the Doctor.  

In the world of comics books comes Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor#1, a new ongoing series to follow up on the 2015 mini-series of the same name.  The series follows up with the 9th Doctor as he travels with Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness

Taking place before the two part Dalek story that closed out the 1st season of the revived TV show, these new comic book adventures find our TARDIS crew on a search for relics of the Time War. The 9th Doctor is still dealing with a lot of emotional baggage from the events of the Time War so you can imagine this does not do a lot of his general grumpiness. 

And speaking of comic books, there are still ongoing series featuring the 10th and 11th Doctors. And there's a comic book for the 12th Doctor as well for those pining away the hours and days until Series 10 returns in 2017. And there's a mini-series underway spotlighting Tom Baker's 4th Doctor

So there are lots of chances to experience different versions of the Doctor, even if that version of the Doctor is no longer on our TV screens in all new adventures. 


Still no new word on the new companion. Next month (May) is the expected date for production to begin on the Doctor Who 2016 Christmas Special so time is running out on this. Unless the new companion doesn't start with that special.  

Meanwhile, Class, the Doctor Who spin off, is in production but I'm not seeing any news about that either. 


Coming in two weeks...

The Doctor chases an enemy too small to be seen, a virus that kills with the power of time itself. When it infects 8 year old Toby Parker, will the Doctor be too late to save this young man's life? Or is it just the beginning of what will be come the adventure of a lifetime? 

A new fan fiction begins May 1st. 

Meanwhile there's a new post tomorrow and a Doctor Who related post for next Sunday (which is also my birthday!). 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

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