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Our Love Could Not Stand: A Romance Tale Told in Tweets

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As I did with last week's Mystery Planet! A Sci-Fi Tale Told in Tweets, I've assembled another series of Tweets that form a narrative, this time made on April 20, 2013 under the hashtag . I suppose some people used the opportunity to post real life tidbits about who broke up with who and why. I imagine some were opening themselves up and laying bare some deep, lingering hurts.

As usual, I refused to take this seriously.

Collected in one place for the first time (with only a few minor edits), I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You is proud to present a romance story told in Tweets. A story of heartbreak and longing I like to call....

Our Love Could Not Stand


It's been many years since I last saw you. My love for you was so deep & I still ache over its ending. But we changed...

At first we loved the same things: ice cream, long walks, Enya. We were devoted to each other. But I was sick of ice cream!

I like ice cream but every day? C'mon girl, I need some variety in my diet I think I was becoming lactose intolerant.

I still liked long walks but you didn't anymore. Why? After you lost your foot in the thresher accident, you became distant.

You always made excuses: "Its hard to walk with one foot." Why didn't you tell me the truth? you didn't love me anymore!

And we stopped dancing to the music of Enya. you used your missing foot as a crutch. Well, you used your crutch as a crutch.

You said mean things to me, said I was "self absorbed" & "lacked empathy" YOU were self absorbed; I mean, always with the lost foot.

I no longer felt loved. You were always distracted with, I don't know, your foot, I think? you didn't care about MY needs.

You'd say because I cheated on you. Would I have gone to another if you weren't caught up in losing your, foot?

I can't believe I slept with your sister...& your other sister...& her best friend...& her best friend's cheerleader squad...

...and the cheer squad's coach...and HER sister...and her niece...and--let's just say we both made some mistakes, OK?

The pain is dim now but the love we shared is still a bright memory. In the end it was good that we had different paths...

Mine to sex addiction therapy, you into some kind of rehab or something for your lost...whatever. ...well, does it matter?

we needed to grow. I became more sensitive to others & you learned to live without a...spleen, I think? I will never forget our love.

Her foot, you jackass! Jeez!

OK, two other posts on my blog were taken from where I created a sequence of events thru connecting Tweets, The Mad Scientist's Lament: What I'm Tired of Hearing (March 8th) and The Mad Scientist's Lament: Things That Annoy Me (April 4th). Also, the blog post from May 7th, Life Would Be Better If...

When I start one of these Twitter narratives, I really have no idea where they are going so some stuff may shift from where I thought it might go in the beginning.

The ice cream thing was when I thought the reasons for the break up would go back and forth between two people. When I hit upon the idea of the poor girl losing a foot as a reason for not wanting to take walks anymore, the concept of the guy being a totally clueless jerk took hold.

OK, I like Enya. But I still thought it was a funny thing to single out as a mutual interest. I think I had some random thought there might be a dispute who actually owned the Enya CD collection they had shared but that fell by the wayside.

The only guiding factors that I follow when I do one of these sequences is to 1) use the hashtag in every Tweet so the Tweet HAS to relate back to that and 2) use at least 10 Tweets. I have not set an upper limit but 10 is usually where I stop; #WeBrokeUpBecause went for 14 (much to the annoyance of my Twitter followers, I'm sure).

This makes for an interesting writing exercise, especially if you don't care how many few followers you have.

Well, that's that for this post. Looking forward to a new episode of Doctor Who this evening. The latest posting of Doctor Who Is NEW will be on the blog by tomorrow.


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