Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Sex Life of Plants and Other Random Thoughts

Hi there!

Dave-El here, welcoming you that bastion of clever writing coupled with witty and insightful ponderings on the world and our culture, a blog known to all as....

OK, that site has been shut down? Bummer!

Dave-El here, welcoming you this place instead, I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You.

I'm super dead tired. I did not sleep well or very long last night. I was kept awake by a most annoying manifestation of my spring allergies.

The roof of my mouth itches.

Yes, the roof of mouth...all itchy.

As a matter of course, I take an over-the-counter Claritin everyday and so far, it's worked fine. I do keep some stronger antihistamines when I have a full on allergy attack such as getting a face full of weaponized pollen. So far, I've managed to control my allergy symptoms for the most part, stuff like sneezing and itchy eyes. It is such a pain to always be on my guard because of the sex life of plants.

But the roof of mouth itch? I've yet to figure out how to deal with that. All know is I'm lying in bed, trying to relax and go to sleep when I hear this sound:

"Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk!"

That is approximately the sound that echoes through my head as my tongue incessantly licks upon the roof of my mouth, trying to scratch that itch. It is so annoying and nothing I can do will stop it. Drinking water, oral antiseptic spray, nothing helps as the roof of my mouth continues to itch and my tongue continues to try to deal with it in the only way it knows how.

"Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk!"

It has been suggested that the various medicines I take (allergy relief in addition to what I call my sundry and varied collection of "crazy pills") may be the culprit in drying my mouth and causing it to itch. That is a good theory, supported by the warnings on medicine bottles. "This drug may cause dry mouth."

And THAT, my friends, acquaintances and random visitors, is all I really have today. It's not for a lack of ideas but a lack of time to get it done. Instead I post stuff like this and yesterday's quick thoughts on the cancellation of Legion of Super Heroes*

*Wow! I just jotted down a few thoughts on the loss of LSH. But I've had positive responses from some people on Twitter. So kudos and thank you to:

Tony L @
Matthew Barton @
Johnny DC  @

Later, I would like to post the story of my absolute favorite Legion of Super Heroes story as well as the most disappointing story...and they were mere months apart.

Anyway, I'm very tired so I'm going to go to bed and try to get some sle-

"Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk!"

Well, son of a bitch!


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Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk! Snerk!

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