Monday, May 27, 2013

White Christian Males...and You!

Back on April 29th, one of my followers posted this on Twitter:

rebkah howard@pink_funk 29 Apr
Married, Christian white males over 50 are being persecuted in these here United States today? Who knew?
Which lead me to post the following series of Tweets. (It helps if you "hear" this in the voice of a documentary narrator from the 1950's.) 


White Christian Males as they appeared in the wild in the 1950's.

"The White Christian Male once flourished in abundance across the plains & mountains of America."

"They could be seen in the millions, grazing where there was food & water & other unclaimed resources."

"In the wild White Christian Males were the natural predator of Blacks, Females & Gays."

"Due to liberal government regulations, it is the White Christian Males that face extinction."

"White Christian Males now graze in special preserves listening to country music & watching Fox News."


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