Friday, May 3, 2013

The Huff Post Hop for Friday, May 3, 2013

Hello, everyone! Great news! The latest #HuffPostHop Tweets (*) that was posted on Twitter earlier is now here to be put in a safe but convenient one place!

(*) Oh, hell! Do I have explain every single damn time that it stands for "Huffington Post Hop", as in we hop from one headline to another in search of a good headline to crack jokes about.

Let's get started in 5..4..3..2..


#HuffPostHop “Senator: Republicans Didn't Want To 'Be Seen Helping' Obama” So they sneak by the Obama’s office at night with a pie

#HuffPostHop “North Korea Sentences American To 15 Years Hard Labor” Then they sentenced a Mexican to do that hard labor for less money

#HuffPostHop “New Law Allows Gov't To Seize Assault Weapons From Criminals, Mentally Ill” It’s called the “Well, DUH!” law.

#HuffPostHop “Austerity Advocates Bring In Millions From Tax Loopholes” This is the economic principle known as “Fuck you, I got mine”

#HuffPostHop “Toxic Pesticides Burn In California Wildfire” On the plus side, the smoldering ruins of your home will be free of mosquitos.

#HuffPostHop “John McCain Gets Unexpected Surprise” He’s the next contestant on “The Price Is Right”!

#HuffPostHop “Fox News Guest's Unbelievable Holocaust Remarks” Fox News guest says something stupid; U.S. unable to give a fuck anymore

#HuffPostHop “Karl Rove Issues 2014 Warning” Karl calls dibs on next Easter’s honey glazed ham. Do not stop him; he WILL hurt you!

#HuffPostHop “Bankers Struggle To Live On $1+ Million Pay” Ex: Drinking champagne out of glasses, not gold plated skulls of their enemies

#HuffPostHop “Reese Witherspoon Freaks Out In Arrest Video” After officer told her he loved her in “Bridget Jones’ Diary”

#HuffPostHop “You've Been Eating Apples All Wrong” So put down the apple…NOW! Put it down and back away! No one has to get hurt here.

#HuffPostHop “Drudge Report Falls For Fake StoryObama & Pelosi shooting up Reno NV with Laser Cats?! It HAD to be true! It just had to!

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