Sunday, March 19, 2017

Doctor Who: A Time For Heroes... Draws Closer

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This is our Sunday Doctor Who post. Last week a new trailer dropped for Series 10 which debuts April 15th.  

Click here to view the trailer yourself. 

We see Bill Potts, the new companion played by Pearl Mackie, approaching the wonders of travelling with the Doctor with joyous enthusiasm. And Matt Lucas's Nardole is still loyally by the Doctor's side but with a more bemused wariness compared to Bill's more wide eyed innocent.  And the Doctor himself seems to be more fully embracing a new found appetite for adventure.  

Loook, Missy's back. And very intriguingly, the original Mondas Cybermen are back, in a form we have not seen since their original appearances in the 1960s. Weird!  

Yep, it looks like a Time For Heroes is coming. And as the  Doctor himself says....

Most definitely, good Doctor: bring it!!!

Thanks for popping by. A new post is coming up tomorrow, Until then, remember to be good to one another.   

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