Friday, March 24, 2017

Hillbilly Hideaway

I know that over the past 4 years of this blog, I’ve projected an image of an erudite, sophisticated intellectual type person.

So you may be a bit shocked to hear of my visit to a place called… the Hillbilly Hideaway.

My wife Andrea, daughter Randie and myself left our Fortress of Ineptitude to hitch a ride on the church van with our choir director, her husband (the driver), her baby (did not do any driving) and several of our choir brethren. 

There’s a saying about getting to out of the way places: “you can’t get there from here.” And that did seem to apply to getting to the Hillbilly Hideaway, buried in the hilly woods north of our home. Twisting, turning narrow roads led us higher into the hills, deeper in the forest. I thought, if we get there and we’re greeted by hayseeds in coveralls who look at me and say, “You shur are purdy”, I’m going back in the van and locking the doors. 

You know you’ve arrived at the Hillbilly Hideaway thanks to a helpful sign painted on the body of a rusted out pick up truck. We had arrived!

The restaurant itself is a converted log cabin farmhouse with a warm, rustic interior. You can eat whatever you want as along as what you want is what they’re serving. 

Saturday night, Hillbilly Hideaway dinner menu includes fried chicken, country ham and spare ribs along with green beans, corn, pinto beans, boiled potatoes (“fresh taters” as it says on the menu), fried apples and more. For bread, you have a choice of corn bread and hoecake.

Question: What is hoecake?

Answer: It’s delicious.

Bowls of all these items keep coming around so you can select and serve yourself whatever items in what serving size you choose.  It’s a dinnertime free for all like sitting down to eat with the Darling clan from the Andy Griffith Show. 

Down the slope behind the restaurant is a converted barn turned into a music venue. On the stage was a collection of performers who sang and played a variety of folk, country and gospel tunes. These guys and gals were quite talented, talented enough to put on a pretty good show. 

Apparently, these performers spanned generations, local talent bring their guitars to this corner of the North Carolina woods on Saturday nights to sing songs and brighten the hearts of those who found their way down the winding woods to this Hillbilly Hideaway. 

Yeah, it all sounds a bit corny. But a good time was had by all. 

And nobody told me i was "purdy".  


Going to the Hillbilly Hideaway wasn't our only excursion away from the Fortress of Ineptitude last weekend. We also went to see Beauty and the Beast. Tomorrow, we'll have a post about but I'm not writing it but we'll have a special guest blogger.   

Until next time remember to be good to one another.  

Action Comics#1000

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