Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Two Fisted Tales of Modest Accomplishments

Well, la-dee frickin' da! Look at Dennis the Menace holding up twp (yesm coun them:TWO!) arms while holding a utensil in each hand like a bad-ass. 

Well... woo-hoo. 

OK, after I broke my left elbow back in January (as recounted in exciting detail in last week's posts, Legends of the Fall, Parts One through Five....be the envy of your neighborhood: collect them all!), these simple acts were beyond me.  

I could not raise my left arm. 
i could not hold anything in my left hand. 

In the intervening weeks in physical therapy, I have made significant headway towards these normally modest accomplishments. 

I can raise my left arm over my head with minimal effort now. 
I can grasp things in my left hand but there is still a long way to go before that grasp feels firm and secure.  

I still can't turn my left arm over to hold out an open hand. And my finger dexterity is still very sub-par. It takes me a lot longer and more effort to type things.  

Still, given the broken and bloody state of my left elbow at the time of my fall, I am rather impressed with my progress. I just wish it was easier to type.  

A lot of my progress is owed to a guy named Andy. Andy is a friendly guy with a weird sense of humor but very professional although there are days when he's pushing my left arm to its limits that I think he got his degree in Physical Therapy at the Spanish Inquisition University. Nonetheless, I've grown accustomed to my appointments with Andy and look forward to seeing how far I go each time to getting my left arm back to normal.  

And I'll sow that two arm raising, two hand grasping bastard, Dennis!

That's all for today. Tomorrow, I recount yet another medical crisis that arose over the last couple of weeks.  

And after that, I post on the results of my MRI.  

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.  

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