Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Random Stuff

pencils by Joltin' Jack Kirby!
inks by Vociferous Vinnie Colletta!
script by Linsome Lin-Manuel Miranda!
I got this from fellow blogger Bully, the Stuffed Little Bull Who Thinks Comics Oughtta Be Good

I hope Bully's OK because this was posted Friday, March 24th and he hasn't posted since. It breaks my heart to think that Bully might not be doing OK.


His blog, News From Me, is one of my favoritest but last Tuesday, a Closed For Business graphic appeared, What? 
Yesm there was a note under that which said normal posts would return. He did post his upcoming WonderCon schedule and a note to assure us he's not dead. 

But now the text on his blog is missing and the Segio Aragones drawing in the masthead has vanished!

This is so weird. So I ask again....


Donald Trump is ready to drive his Presidency over a cliff!
And if you've ever wondered why Donald lies all the time, maybe its because of this lesson he learned as a child...

And for no reason whatsoever, a band of squirrels.

Later this morning, my daughter's take on Beauty and the Beast. 

Tomorrow on the blog thing, Superman!

Until then, remember to be good to one another.  

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