Thursday, March 2, 2017

Here It Goes Again

Hi there and welcome to La-La Land and...

Whoops my mistake. The name of this blog is I'm So Glad My Suffering Amuses You.  I blame PriceWaterhouseCoopers for that error.  
My name is David Long but here on the blog, I go by Dave-El which is my Kryptonian name and yes that I have a Kryptonian name shows you what kind of masculine real man that I am. 

But what kind of a man am I, really? I'm a straight, married middle-aged white Suburban dad working in Corporate America. In other words, i greet the dawning of every new day with a strangled cry of terror, "OH NO! NOT AGAIN!!!!" 

If you look over to the right side of this page, you willl find an archive list of various post that have been made to his blog over the last four years on various topics: comic books, Doctor Who, the news, random crap, Doctor Who, politics, movies, stupid shit that has happened to me, Doctor Who, other TV shgows that are not Doctor Who, even more randomner crap and, on occassion, Doctor Who. 

It is my promise to you, dear reader, to keep doing that.*

*Isn't that special? He thinks he has readers.  

Over the last couple of months, my attention to this blog has been sporadic and I will cover ground on why that is. 

1) Tomorrow, I say farewell to a life that was very important to me. 
2) Starting Monday, I will begin recounting the series of unfortunate events that ran parallel to and in the wake of that tragic loss.  

And more random crap, Doctor Who, politics....the usual.  

thanks for reading. Until next time, remember to be good to one another.  

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