Monday, March 20, 2017

He's Just Not That In To You

So Donald Trump still holds firm that Trump Tower was wiretapped last year by order of then-President Obama. This despite zero evidence from anybody.  If hearing this, you think Donald has finally gone off the deep end, relax: he’s not talking to you.  He’s not talking to me either. He’s not talking to the nation as a whole when he makes these outrageous claims. No, his audience is the same as it has been since he became a candidate for President: that core group that has supported him since day one. No, they don’t represent America but it’s the only audience that Trump cares about, the one that still loves him, supports, thinks he’s a doing a good job.

The audience that hears Obama wiretapped Trump and thinks, "Oh yeah. That sounds like something that Muslim loving, American hating bastard would do."  Trump doesn't have to supply any evidence because for this audience, no evidence is needed. It's a statement that fits neatly and perfectly with their worldview.

The lack of evidence that Obama ordered any such thing also dovetails nicely with that same perspective: the forces at work against Trump are covering their tracks. 

But if you're not steeped in a mind-set of anti-government paranoia fed by a frenzied diet of alarmists reports on Fox News and alt-right web-sites, Donald Trump's not talking to you.

Hate to break it to you but he's just not that in to you.  

You might think that Trump's latest go at a travel ban is an affront to religious freedom and the US Constitution. It's a Muslim ban and that's wrong.

But Trump is just not that in to you. He's into the core demographic that hears "Muslim ban" and does not think it's affront to religious freedom and the US Constitution. No, they're thinking "It's about damn time".

And everybody else that thinks a "Muslim ban" is an affront to religious freedom and the US Constitution, pundits in the media, judges overruling the ban? That's all good too, reinforcing the narrative there are forces at work against Trump who's just trying to save the country from terrorism. 

"If yer not fer 'im, yer agin' 'im". The Trump narrative from candidacy to Presidency is he alone can save you, he is alone against the forces out to destroy you AND he's alone against those who would stop him from saving you.

And if you don't accept that narrative, he's not talking to you. Donald Trump is just not that in to you.

But for the people he's talking to, how into them is he really?

More on that tomorrow.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

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