Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Superman Reborn

Prior to September 2011, the status quo for Superman was that Clark and Lois were married. 

Then in September 2011, the New 52 was launched and now suddenly, Superman was different. Clark and Lois were not only not married, she’s living with some guy named Jonathan. So Clark was free to be with any woman he wanted and boy, DC gave him a (dare I say it?) wonderful partner. Yep, Superman hooked up with Wonder Woman. 

Well, that was a thing that happened. Or did it?

Of all the changes wrought by the New 52, Superman was not well-served by this reboot. So the Superman of this universe dies and is replaced by the Superman of the pre-52 timeline.

That too was a thing that happened. Or maybe not? 

In recent issues of Superman and Action Comics in a storyline called Superman Reborn, stuff happened. You know, cosmic stuff, the stuff of magic, what have you. The upshot at the end of this is that reality gets bent into a pretzel and our Superman, the one married to Lois, has always been the Superman of this earth.

I think.  I’m not 100% sure but all comic reviewers seem to think so and that is the general impression I got. 

I’m Ok with this development as it bothered me that the Superman I regard as THE Superman was a replacement in this world. He deserves the status of being earth’s one, true Superman.

But there are questions, so many questions. Does this change other parts of the DC Universe? Did Superman and Wonder Woman still have a romantic relationship? 

I'm glad there's a new status quo for Superman that puts him back at a level of respect he deserves. Still, what exactly is the damage done to get there?

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