Sunday, March 5, 2017

Doctor Who: A Time For Heroes

Last week saw the release of a new teaser for Doctor Who Series 10.  (Here's the clip.) 

It's a badass slo-mo walk with the Doctor, Nardole and new companion Bill through a poltergeistian sequence of exploding book pages and lights which tells us nothing but damn if it isn't cool as all get out to look at. 

Bill narrates, sums up the Doctor as funny, amazing and dangerous. Which sounds about right to me.   

I can't wait for April 15th! (Which I can't believe I'm saying that since April 15th is the deadline for filing taxes here in the United States.)  

On the other hand, I'm not TOO eager to rush this as Series 10 does mark the final series for this man:  

Peter Capaldi has made such a bold and distinctive Doctor as I have ever seen (going back to the classic series), I really hate to see him go. As much as I enjoyed David Tennant and Matt Smith in the role of the Doctor, I might have to list Capaldi in a dead heat with Tom Baker as my all time favorite Doctor. 

Looking to the future of Doctor Who beyond Capaldi, bookies taking bets on the next Doctor have shut down taking bets due to an overwhelming surge of bets on Kris Marshall.  Marshall is an actor who recently stepped down from his role on the crime drama series Death in Paradise. The announcement of Kris' sudden availability and Peter's statement that he would be leaving Doctor Who were within days of each other and there are Whovians who think that's too much of a coincidence not too mean something.  

Of course there are those who still insist the next Doctor will be Olivia Colman. Or Tilda Swinton. 

(It will NOT be Tilda Swinton. Even if the BBC coughed up enough money for Tilda, she would probably still portray the Doctor as a man. Cause Tilda's kind of weird like that.)

OK, one thing at a time. First, Doctor Who Series 10 starting April 15th. After that, we'll get what comes after that.


Tomorrow, I finally tell the tale of a series of unfortunate events with a post entitled, Legend of the Fall. (No, it does not star Brad Pitt.) 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.  

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