Saturday, March 4, 2017

ENCORE POST: The Mad Scientist's Lament: Things That Annoy Me

Hi there. Still working on getting my groove back when it comes to regular posting here on the blog thing. So it's...

Encore mode with another past post from the earliest days here at I am SO glad my suffering amuses you! 

Here's one from Thursday, April 4, 2013.

The Mad Scientist's Lament: Things That Annoy Me

The topic #ThingsThatAnnoyMe was trending on Twitter on the evening of April 4th and once more the mad scientist in me saw an opportunity.  Being a mad scientist can be a lonely life and there are few people to talk to and share the burdens that come with genius. I am genuinely moved by this share these personal thoughts on Twitter*. 

I'm going to work on my experimental teleporter & I've misplaced my Phillips screwdriver! Oh, come on, it was just here! #ThingsThatAnnoyMe

Not NOW, Mother! I'm experimenting with teleportation! Oooh, I hate interruptions! #ThingsThatAnnoyMe And where is that damn screwdriver?

No, Mother! That's a FLATHEAD screwdriver! Is it so hard to get good help? #ThingsThatAnnoyMe Oh, just wait! When I perfect teleportation..!

Found it! Now to start on the teleporter! Wha..? Shoo,fly! Shoo! I'm a SCIENTIST, damn it! MOTHER! There's a fly in here! #ThingsThatAnnoyMe

Oh,for proper working lab conditions! Working on a teleporter in the basement? Bet they don't deal with this crap at MIT! #ThingsThatAnnoyMe

I hate MIT! #ThingsThatAnnoyMe Wouldn't let me in,said I was "unstable"."Unstable"? I'll show THEM! With my teleporter,I'll show them ALL!

NO, Mother! I will NOT keep it DOWN! I am a SCIENTIST! I have a right to rant! And that damn fly is still in here! #ThingsThatAnnoyMe

Blast! Magnesium coils in my energy inverter overheating again?! Oh,to have REAL magnesium coils instead of COAT HANGERS! #ThingsThatAnnoyMe

No, Mother! Nothing's burning down here! I'm EXPERIMENTING! #ThingsThatAnnoyMe I said SHOO, fly! Wait, what's that humming? Uh oh, my telepo

Whoa! So much smoke! I bet they have proper ventilation at MIT for just such a situation. #ThingsThatAnnoyMe Uh, what's that in the smoke?

#ThingsThatAnnoyMe Mother? That fly that was in here? Uh, we have a fly swatter? Perhaps a...a human sized one?! Mother? MOMMMMM!!!

The End.....or is it? 

(Yes, it is the end. Stop bothering me.)

And then, there was this exchange: 

 MJ CaanMJ Caan‏@MJCaan48m
@DayWayLo I have to say, your being annoyed is making for quiet the entertainment for me :)

Dave-El (David Long)Dave-El (David Long)‏@DayWayLo27m
@MJCaan YOU'RE entertained? I've been EATEN BY A GIANT FLY! I am SO glad my suffering amuses you!*

*Hey,that's my blog!

Tomorrow is an ALL NEW Doctor Who themed post. And on Monday, a post on a epic tale of human tragedy 2 months in the making: the legend of the fall. 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.   

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