Friday, April 12, 2013

The Huff Post Hop for Friday, April 12, 2013

What is the #HuffPostHop? It's where I hop around The Huffington Post looking for headlines to make fun off. Think of it like SNL's Weekend Update except without the talent. Or the comedy. Or an actual audience. know what? Let's just do this thing....

#HuffPostHop  Obama Flips On 2008 Social Security Promise” And Malia, Sasha: he’s also taking back the dog!

#HuffPostHop  Gun Vote Clears Major Hurdle” NRA, there’s still time to increase your, “campaign donations”.

#HuffPostHop Pentagon:'Inaccurate' To Suggest N.Korea Has Nuclear Missile Ability” Kim Jung-Un HAS a missile; he just can’t get it up! Hey-O!

#HuffPostHop  Brawl Breaks Out During Dodgers-Padres Game” In other words, the game got interesting.

#HuffPostHop  House Republicans Block Vote On Equal Pay” I know, GOP! Women! Really! Next they’ll want to wear pants or something.

#HuffPostHop  Private Prison Company Admits To Falsifying Records” The man rapes were not as hot as they made them out to be.

#HuffPostHop  Tiger Drops F-Bomb At Masters” Fahrvergn├╝gen?

#HuffPostHop  13 Things You Need To Know About Coachella” #1: Where are the bathrooms? #2 thru #13: Where’s the best weed?

#HuffPostHop  “Penis Study Reveals Genital Size Women Prefer”   Whatever size gets a man’s ass off the couch & take out the damn garbage!

#HuffPostHop  Co-Ed Topless Reading Group Celebrates Spring”  Reading! Yes! I LOVE to read! And spring time! I totally support reading. And spring.

#HuffPostHop  "Kid Rock: 'I'm F--king Embarrassed To Be A Republican'" GOP embarrassed by Kid Rock (& they have Donald Trump as a member)

Today we heard of the passing of Jonathan Winters who died today at age 87. I was struck by how off-kilter he was compared to other comedians of his era. He had the appearance of a normal blue collar shlub but the eyes gave away his madness. When Jonathan Winters performed, his eyes would twinkle with unrestrained mischief as he careened from one bizarre character to another, going on the most wild and fantastic tangents and leave everyone in stitches. As Mark Evanier noted today in his blog, Jonathan Winters would appear on talk shows where the host had no idea what Jonathan was going to do...and neither did Jonathan.

God bless you, Jonathan Winters, for all your comic gifts and for sharing them with the world.

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