Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Mad Scientist's Lament: Things That Annoy Me

The topic #ThingsThatAnnoyMe was trending on Twitter on the evening of April 4th and once more the mad scientist in me saw an opportunity.  Being a mad scientist can be a lonely life and there are few people to talk to and share the burdens that come with genius. I am genuinely moved by this share these personal thoughts on Twitter*.

*Where I can be found at

  •  I'm going to work on my experimental teleporter & I've misplaced my Phillips screwdriver! Oh, come on, it was just here!

  • Not NOW, Mother! I'm experimenting with teleportation! Oooh, I hate interruptions! And where is that damn screwdriver?

  • No, Mother! That's a FLATHEAD screwdriver! Is it so hard to get good help? Oh, just wait! When I perfect teleportation..!

  • Found it! Now to start on the teleporter! Wha..? Shoo,fly! Shoo! I'm a SCIENTIST, damn it! MOTHER! There's a fly in here!

  • Oh,for proper working lab conditions! Working on a teleporter in the basement? Bet they don't deal with this crap at MIT!

  • I hate MIT! Wouldn't let me in,said I was "unstable"."Unstable"? I'll show THEM! With my teleporter,I'll show them ALL!

  • NO, Mother! I will NOT keep it DOWN! I am a SCIENTIST! I have a right to rant! And that damn fly is still in here!

  • Blast! Magnesium coils in my energy inverter overheating again?! Oh,to have REAL magnesium coils instead of COAT HANGERS!

  • No, Mother! Nothing's burning down here! I'm EXPERIMENTING! I said SHOO, fly! Wait, what's that humming? Uh oh, my telepo

  • Whoa! So much smoke! I bet they have proper ventilation at MIT for just such a situation. Uh, what's that in the smoke?

  • Mother? That fly that was in here? Uh, we have a fly swatter? Perhaps a...a human sized one?! Mother? MOMMMMM!!!

The End.....or is it? (Yes, it is the end. Stop bothering me.)

And then, there was this exchange:

  • I have to say, your being annoyed is making for quiet the entertainment for me :)

  • YOU'RE entertained? I've been EATEN BY A GIANT FLY! I am SO glad my suffering amuses you! *Hey,that's my blog!
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