Friday, April 5, 2013

The Huff Post Hop for Friday, April 5, 2013

#HuffPostHop POLL: Majority Support Legal WeedPoll was taken at 1 AM at a Taco Bell near a local college.

#HuffPostHop  Governor Signs Nation's Toughest Gun-Control Bill Into LawMeanwhile, NRA endorses “Buy One Get Two Free” plan.

#HuffPostHop  Facebook Makes Huge AnnouncementYou know how you jack off to FB pics of your hot neighbor? Yeah, we can totally see you.

#HuffPostHop  Wall Street's Political Payouts Higher For Those Voting To Deregulate” And we have our winner for today’s “No shit, Sherlock!” award

#HuffPostHop  Hickenlooper Orders Audit Of Inmate RecordsYou do NOT want to know what they call a “Hickenlooper” in prison.

#HuffPostHop  State Official Fired Over Menstrual Cycle RemarksOh, bloody hell! Now what?

#HuffPostHop  U.S. High School Still Has Segregated Prom” No, no, no! It’s NOT a race thing! Just keeping the rich kids from the poor..who HAPPEN to be black”

#HuffPostHop  Carnival Triumph Breaks Loose From Port  Ship sends out message: “You’ll never take me alive, suckers! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

#HuffPostHop  Obama Cutting His Own Pay” And when he takes Air Force One, he’ll fly coach.

#HuffPostHop  Congress May Take Action On Video Game ViolenceSo video game industry lobbyists, ready your bribes…now!”

#HuffPostHop  Chris Matthews' Unbelievable Comments About WomenAfter 30, 35 seconds of sex, he can’t believe they’re STILL not satisfied.

#HuffPostHop  Christian University Allows Loaded Guns In ClassroomsGolgotha would’ve gone down differently if Jesus had been packing heat.

#HuffPostHop  Wayne LaPierre Can't Even Convince Fox NewsEven Fox News doubts the average household needs “a gazillion guns”.

#HuffPostHop  "Legendary Film Critic Roger Ebert Dies" No jokes here...I hope someone saved you the aisle seat.Rest in peace.
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