Sunday, December 18, 2016

Doctor Who: Holding Out For a Hero

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The clock is ticking, people as we are ONE WEEK away from the first ALL NEW Doctor Who adventure in a year! It's The Return of Doctor Mysterio, the 2016 Doctor Who Christmas Special. The story involves the Doctor meeting a costumed super hero. Yes, a super hero with the cape and the mask and the super powers, all that stuff. It is a truly unique adventure for our wandering Time Lord, encountering a super hero inspired by comic books.  

I imagine the Doctor is not going to greet this masked do-gooder without a lot of skepticism. It's not just a matter of someone hiding their face although we know the Doctor has a problem with that. We also know the Doctor has trouble with the concept of people living up to heroic ideals. He does not believe in the person who is too good to be true.  

Case in point is his encounter with Robin Hood in Series 8. Robin Hood is as close as you can get to a super hero archetype before the creation of the first costumed comic book super heroes. Robin is an idealized hero fighting against clearly defined forces of evil and villainy. It is a concept that the Doctor is reluctant to accept. The Doctor has seen too many so called heroes submerged in the murky waters of muddled morality. The idea that a person being dedicated to a cause of good without compromise is hard for him to grasp.

Even harder is for the Doctor to accept his own status as a hero. It is a label that he has frequently challenged. The Doctor sees himself only as someone who makes the hard choices no one else can or will. 

In the world we live in, the very idea of someone who can and will make tough decisions for a greater good is what makes someone a hero to me.

Going live at 5 AM, Disney Daze Part Seven posts as the family adventure ends. Will it end on a good note? 

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.

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