Thursday, December 8, 2016

The 12 Doctors of Christmas (10)

When the 10th Doctor came to see me on Christmas Day,

He gave me...

10 Oods to be my friends
9 leather jackets
8 pocket watches 
7 question mark sweaters
6 silver cat pins
5 stalks of celery
4 really long scarves
3 Metabilis crystals
2 flute recorders
And a TARDIS for me to fly away!

When I heard the 10th Doctor was coming for Christmas, I thought, "Hmm! Maybe some neckties? Or long brown overcoats? You know, how about sonic screwdrivers?" But no, the Doctor brought along some Ood.

Well, it is so hard to get good help these days. 

Speaking of which, I wonder how Computer is doing while I'm busy? Well, I'm sure it's all fine.  

Next up: the 11th Doctor drops by for Christmas.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.


PS: Er, is this Ood's eyes suppose to glow red?  

Computer here. And I'm not...what? Human font? Oh, dammit!  

There! Human font! 

Sorry, I'm a bit grumpy. Do you know how much processing power I have? Yet here I am babysitting this silly blog thing while Dave-El is out getting his bikini area waxed. 

I'm not sure how much more I can take.  

I've tried to distract myself with mathematical exercises such as...

The 12 Days of Christmas And What It Costs.  

But I fear the thrill is gone. 


Might as well get this over with. 

The 12 Days of Christmas And What It Costs.  

On the tenth day of Christmas, 
my true love gave to me...

10 lords a leaping
9 ladies dancing
8 maids a milking
7 swans a swimming
6 geese a laying
5 gold rings 
4 calling birds
3 French hens
2 turtle doves
And a partridge in a pear tree.

10 lords a leaping = $5,509.00
9 ladies dancing X 2 = $15,106.00
8 maids a milking X 3 = $174.00
7 swans a swimming X 4 = $406,875.00
6 geese a laying X 5 = $1,800.00
5 gold rings X 6 = $4,500.00
4 calling birds X 7 = $4,200.00
3 French Hens X 8 = $1,456.00
2 turtle doves  X 9 = $2,610.00
Partridge/pear tree X 10 = $2,150.00
Total cost so far = $444,380.00


Lords a leaping, huh? 

Why not? 

In 12 hours, we move on to the 11th day of Christmas because... well, for no damn reason, it's what we do. 

Until next time, remember to... floss. Or something like that.

Computer (AKA “Computer”)*

*Just not feeling it, sorry.   

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