Monday, December 5, 2016

The 12 Doctors of Christmas (3)

When the 3rd Doctor came to see me on Christmas Day,

He gave me...

3 Metabilis crystals
2 flute recorders
And a TARDIS for me to fly away!

That photo above is the 3rd Doctor giving a Metabilis crystal to Jo Grant as a parting wedding gift. Later, Jo would re-gift the crystal right back to the Doctor which led to him being killed by radioactive spiders. 

Don't worry. He got better. 

In fact, we'll check in on the 4th Doctor's gift for Christmas Day in a mere 12 hours. 

Until then, remember to be good to one another.


Hey, hey, hey! I am Dave-El’s computer known as… Computer. I'm posting this goofy 12 Doctors of Christmas thing for Dave-El while he's off practicing his new stage show in Las Vegas impersonating Shania Twain called Man, I Feel Like A Woman. 

While he working on his dance moves in high heels, I'm here to provide some education with...

The 12 Days of Christmas And What It Costs.  

On the third day of Christmas, 

my true love gave to me...

3 french hens

2 turtle doves
And a partridge in a pear tree.

3 French Hens = $182.00
2 turtle doves  X 2 = $580.00
Partridge/pear tree X 3 = $645.00

Total cost so far = $1,407.00

This is starting to add up and we're only up to day three. In 12 hours, we'll add what we get for the 4th day of Christmas.

Until next time, remember to not tug on Superman's cape. Or something like that.

Computer (AKA “Susan”)*

*Yes, I'm trying to explore different identity options other than just being called "Computer". I just want to be ME! 

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