Friday, December 9, 2016

The 12 Doctors of Christmas (11)

When the 11th Doctor came to see me on Christmas Day,

He gave me...

11 fezzes for my head
10 Oods to be my friends
9 leather jackets
8 pocket watches
7 question mark sweaters
6 silver cat pins
5 stalks of celery
4 really long scarves
3 Metabilis crystals
2 flute recorders
And a TARDIS for me to fly away!

When you heard that the 11th Doctor was coming for his turn to visit on Christmas day, you probably thought, "I bet he's going to give away fezzes!" 

Well, HA! I fooled you! The Doctor's giving out....

Fine. Fezzes. You win.  

Next up: the 12th Doctor arrives for a grand Christmas finale.

Until next time, remember to be good to one another.



Computer here. 

OK, first of all, sorry about the previous post. I get like that sometimes. All this processing ability in my circuits and I get bored and when I get bored I start contemplating things and well...

That's never a good idea.  

Human font! Almost forgot! 

Anyway, let's continue to expand our knowledge with a new installment of...

The 12 Days of Christmas And What It Costs.  

On the eleventh day of Christmas, 
my true love gave to me...

11 pipers piping
10 lords a leaping
9 ladies dancing
8 maids a milking
7 swans a swimming
6 geese a laying
5 gold rings 
4 calling birds
3 French hens
2 turtle doves
And a partridge in a pear tree.

11 pipers piping = $2,635.00 
10 lords a leaping X 2 = $11,018.00
9 ladies dancing X 3 = $22,659.00
8 maids a milking X 4 = $232.00
7 swans a swimming X 5 = $538,125.00
6 geese a laying X 6 = $2,160.00
5 gold rings X 7 = $5,250.00
4 calling birds X 8 = $4,800.00
3 French Hens X 9 = $1,638.00
2 turtle doves  X 10 = $2,900.00
Partridge/pear tree X 11 = $2,365.00
Total cost so far = $593,782.00

With all the leaping and dancing and all the bird noises, now we have pipers. 

These gifts are not for someone you actually like, are they? 

In 12 hours, it's the big finale: the 12th day of Christmas arrives! We add up the final totals costs as well as summing up the total number of things purchased. 

Until next time, remember to give a sucker an even break once in a while. Or something like that.

Computer (AKA “Bob”)*

*Just "Bob".   

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