Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Reheated Tweets: 52% Of Republicans

About a week ago, 52% of Republicans was trending on Twitter. What prompted this was a poll that revealed that 52% of Republicans believe that Donald Trump won popular vote as well as the Electoral College. Yes, you might recall seeing some headlines here and there....hell, everywhere that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and by a fairly large margin, just under 3 million votes. 

However, Donald Trump, he of the orange and very thin skin, wasn't content to let any slight go unanswered so he contended that he in fact won the popular vote if one did not count the millions of votes cast for Clinton illegally.  

I should mention at this point that not one state election board, many of whom are headed up by Republicans, have found any evidence of any such widespread voter fraud. There is ZERO evidence of any such electoral malfeasance. Na da! None! Zilch! 

And yet...

52% of Republicans think Donald Trump won the popular vote. 52% of Republicans are refuting the overwhelming absence of proof of any illegal voting activity AND the basic tenets of math itself.

It makes one wonder, what else is there to know about this 52% of Republicans? What else do they think, believe, do?  

So it came to pass that I posted on Twitter ten (yes, TEN!) other ideas about this 52% of Republicans. And now I have gathered these Tweets, reheated them in blog form for your enjoyment.  

52% of Republicans think Donald Trump has heat vision.

52% of Republicans think of Vladimir Putin while having sex with their wives.

52% of Republicans wonder what's wrong with the other 48% of Republicans.

52% of Republicans refuse to believe it's not butter.

52% of Republicans welcome our new alien overlord.

52% of Republicans expect Ronald Reagan will solve all our problems any minute now.

52% of Republicans wear high heels and pearls when vacuuming.

52% of Republicans still have black and white TVs.

52% of Republicans still wear buckles on their hats.

52% of Republicans think this is fine.

And that, my dear blog reading friends, is that for today's post. Another one comes 'round tomorrow. And it's a review of the Doctor Who Christmas Special! Yay! 

Until then, remember to be good to one another. 

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