Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Emmy Rossum Wants Equal WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?

Hi there! 

While puttering about the internet, trying to catch up on news and stuff I missed while I was at Disney World last week, I saw the name of Emmy Rossum popping up in several places. Now I know her name but I was stumped to remember what I know her from. Then I remembered seeing the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera that Joel Schumacher directed about 10 years or so back and I recalled Emmy played Christine. 

I then remembered seeing her briefly in the remake of The Poseidon Adventure that I happened to catch part of on TNT or USA or something. This was a movie about a cruise liner that gets knocked over by a big honkin' tidal wave. 

The scene above, it goes without saying, takes place before the big honkin' tidal wave although the way that dude's dancing his fingers up Emmy Rossum's thigh, there no telling what kind of tidal wave action is going on here if know what I'm saying.  

Actually, I saw this part of the movie and Emmy's dad interrupts so...

As the father of a teenage daughter, let me just say, "Way to go, dad!" 

And somewhere deep inside of me, the remaining remnants of teenage Dave-El whimper and die. 

But never mind what's going on with these two on the couch. What the hell is that thing behind them?  

Maybe there is still some flickering remnants of teenage me but damned if that doesn't look like some kind of porcelain penis statue.

I mean, it has what looks legs at the base and some kind of feathers maybe? But that neck thing, that's a porcelain penis statue.  

Enough of this topic. Question: why was Emmy Rossum trending all over the internet. It seems it had to do with headlines like these. 

Emmy Rossum Fights For Equal Pay   Emmy Rossum is reportedly renegotiating her salary on Shameless, holding up production on the eighth season of one of the most popular cable dramas.

Emmy Rossum has been offered parity with 'Shameless' co-star William H. Macy - but she wants more    The future of Showtime’s long-running series “Shameless” is being held up, due to ongoing negotiations with star Emmy Rossum.  

‘Shameless’ star Emmy Rossum demands higher pay than co-star William H. Macy: report  Emmy Rossum doesn’t just want equal pay — she wants more. The “Shameless” star is in the middle of pay negotiations.

For many years now, decades even, woman in all walks of life have struggled to receive equal pay for equal work. It's not just the actresses in TV and film but it's also financial executives, medical professionals, teachers, police officers, fire fighters, call center operators, retail workers... you name it, any profession where men and women can do the same work at the same level, women typically earn less money than their male counterparts. 

As I mentioned above, I am the father of a daughter and I want her to be fairly and equitably compensated for her work. But I hold that to be true for all women. I arrived very early in my life at an appreciation for what women were capable of. There were young women in my high school who were as smart as, scratch that, smarter than me. It made no sense to me then and makes even less sense now (so, negative sense?) that woman should be treated as less than men for no reason other than outdated gender roles. 

Also when I was in high school, most women I knew could beat me up so that figured into the equation as well.  

I don't know the details of Emmy Rossum's situation with Shameless. I am familiar with the show that appears on Showtime but I've never watched it. Maybe Emmy receiving greater compensation than William H Macy (whose work I am familiar with and have enjoyed in most movies and TV shows I've seen him in) makes sense or maybe Bill Macy does all the heavy lifting and this is just a power play by Emmy. 

By the way, here are some photos Emmy Rossum in action in episodes of Shameless. I must warn you: because this is on Showtime, there will be scenes of topless nudity. 

Well, son of a bitch! The porcelain penis statue from Poseidon Adventure kept jumping in there. Man, porcelain penis statues get in the damnedest places.  

And what's left of teenage me buried in the recesses of my aging brain has just totally given up. 

And that's a wrap for this post. Going live in 12 hours is another new post, Disney Daze - Part Three. 

Until next time...

Damn it! Get out of here, porcelain penis statue! GO!  

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